Spoken Sound

Feeding Your Soul with Sound

Generation Cypher

Generation Cypher is dedicated to the introduction of spoken word, poetry, writing and  music through performance for children.


  • The School Yard Show Down: An interactive theatrical poetry  slam (competition) that is an incomparable educational and artistic experience to any other existing performance for the youth.  This multi-media experience will stimulate your students’ inner Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes and Theodor Geisel. Our spoken word artist inject rhythm, style and theatrics to poetry. Your students will  enjoy participating with the poets, grove to  the sound of spoken word while learning different about  types of poetry.
  • Cybershop – Your Voice is the Instrument (9-13 years old): This cybershop focuses on the spoken word performance from the first draft to the bow. Your students will learn to write for the stage, engage their audience, and leave them wanting more. Students will gain confidence, pride, and professionalism after each step of the spoken word performance is accomplished.
  • Cybershop – Dynamic Duo (5-13 years old): This cybershop is designed for both parent/guardian and child to develop a literary bond as they learn to write and perform as one unit.

To bring Generation Cypher to your school, library, or children’s program, please contact us.